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APs...Why so Serious?!!!!

This is simply amazing...once again,this proves the POWER of the internet! 


HAHAH thank god the teachers had fun reading those...proves that they really are still human. But it'd be awful if they got mad instead!

Hehehe this year is going to be...yep...none other than Heath Ledger's famous line! T_T RIP Heath Ledger! We'll all still remember you when we take our AP tests!!! 



...COFFEE HAS FAILED ME!!! T_T I lived on 2 hours of sleep today...and the coffee did not work...I was drooping and falling asleep like heck in physics! T_T 

Mental note to self: avoid putting classes in period two for next year!!! 

oh and...omfg! I won! second year in the row as president... god I was SO nervous to the MAX!!! >_<

oh noes...what is this...people...might have cheated...?!!! 




I didn't fall asleep in bio AT ALL...well except for one yawn and yeah... and that was on only...2hours of sleep!!! 

Pizza Hut in Japan


Man, gotta respect the pizza hut people for changing their targets to the otakus and hikikomoris that stay at home! But dam this is somehow retardedly entertaining.


...and God bless the man as he now goes

Dear Mr. Puckette,

How's the view up there? I hope that it's a wonderful place, and that you enjoy it.

It's been a few days when they announced your death. To tell the truth I didn't really feel anything but shock at that time. But now, as the reality began to kick in. I realized how I missed those days way back in 7th grade. It was the first time ever in my life that I actually enjoyed math. Even though I spend a while of my 7th grade math with a substitute and didn't get to know you as long as your other students...the moment you returned, the atmosphere in the classroom was changed. It was evident how you always made an obvious effort to make your lessons fun. With your funny sound effects and shortcuts to help us memorize things, and the puzzles that would help us improve our logic...all in a fun way.

You were a gifted artist, and I still remember the day were everyone would crowd around your desk, waiting for you to write our initials onto our calculators with your graceful handwriting. Though the white-out initials on mine are now a bit tattered, I will never forget how you had made me enjoyed math through your patience, wisdom and passion.

Through people will always have to go at a certain time. Yours has arrive a bit early...and I wish you all the best. Some say that people usually do not realize the things they care about and often takes things for granted until its too late. I'm sorry that I stopped stopping by to say hi. May you rest in peace knowing that you have contributed and changed the lives of many. You have achieved something that many could not, and by doing so, you will forever be remembered in a special place in all of our hearts.

Thanks again for everything,


Which one ?

Communication, Education Art, Law or Business?
North, East, West or South?
Which one is the one to choose?
Which way is the way to go?

To follow my interests and my passion or
to play it "safe" and be more realistic
about life and it's measly opportunities?
How many of us managed to follow our dreams and become who we actually want to be?
How many of us tried to pursue it but ended up in the streets instead?

One thing I know for sure now, is that
children grow on complements and kisses,
while complaints and disses only create
sad and un-confident



9/10 ok, I better stop this quiz frenzy!!! 


ok...jinxed one's not a tie breaker but its 8/9 now?!




okay......6/6 now...